Steel balconies are one of our specialties. We have made them in numerous shapes and sizes and most of the production is for export.

When we receive orders for balconies from our clients, we make sure that the design and quality is up to the expected standard. Our engineers in the quality control department simulate all stress that the steel elements are exposed to in the real world and thereby ensure that all safety regulations are met. If relevant, the engineers will suggest

alterations to the design of the balcony in order to deliver the best possible solution with regards to both design and safety.

All weldings are carefully scrutinized and we conduct continuous reviews throughout the production phase.

At Steelcon Europe, we optimize our processes constantly and make our production as lean as possible. We have achieved many advantages in the form of time-saving, better cash-flow and fast delivery to our end-clients.

We are confident to say that we are among the very best manufacturers of steel balconies for the construction industry in Europe.